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2020-10-03: Subway bread is not bread, Irish court rules.

2020-09-30: Going to try this again and see if we can’t make 2020 a little brighter.


2020-08-10: Photographs from lockdown.

2020-06-18: Arts and crafts for the apocalypse.

2020-06-08: With hope that, one day, it goes without saying.

2020-06-07: Waiting for coffee, distantly.

2020-06-06: Albert Park Lake.

2020-04-28: Tensegrity.

2020-04-20: Pretty cool.

2020-04-12: Can’t tell you how much I’d love to use one of these for conference calls while working …

2020-04-12: So, the Twitter app on Catalina… doesn’t respond to a scroll wheel?

2020-04-09: I think I want an OP-1.

2020-04-08: Spare time, lately? Take a course at Harvard online, free.

2020-04-06: Go home.

2020-04-03: Given this advice, this guide to making masks at home might become useful.

2020-04-03: I was too old to get into Harry Potter when it first came out, but too young then to be curious …

2020-04-02: Heads, tails and clean hands.

2020-04-01: Sir Patrick Stewart, quarantined.

2020-04-01: Les Misérables, quarantined.

2020-04-01: Working in the office today.

2017-05-13: Wait.